Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Send Me Gluten Free

Sick of spending money on a big box of a new gluten free treat only to find you don't like it? Send me gluten free might be for you! This is a monthly subscription that sends you a box of gluten free samples. I signed up to do a review of the box in exchange for a free monthly box. My baby decided to make her grand entrance in January hence the late review, but now that I have mastered one hand typing, I am finally getting around to it.

Here is what came in my January box!

-Saffron Road Moroccon Tangine simmer sauce
I have never cooked with a product like this but my husband loves it when I try new recipes so I am excited to try this!
-Milton's cheddar cheese baked crackers
I personally wasn't a huge fan of these. They are kind of bland and not sweet at all. But you take what you can get in the gluten free world.
-Tummy Zen heartburn relief
Being subject to heartburn I am very excited about this! It did say to ask your doctor if you are pregnant so I haven't tried it yet but now that I'm not pregnant anymore I will run to this next time I'm having heartburn.
-Wildtree taco seasoning
While I haven't tried this particular one, my mom has always been a big fan of wildtree. They have very natural whole ingredients and until now I didn't know this but they are gluten free! It is tricky to find a gluten free taco seasoning so it will be nice to have this on hand.
-Nurturme nurturmeals baby food
As soon as my little girl is old enough we are breaking this out!
-Free For All Kitchen oil sea salt crackers
Excited to try these, it is always nice to have a cracker to munch on
-Detour Smart oatmeal bar
This was actually pretty tasty. A very dense oatmeal bar with a yummy blueberry flavor! I particularly liked the yogurt drizzle on top
-Ola granola
If you are a fan of plain granola without all the weird grains and crasons in it then this is for you!
-Enjoy Life Sugar Cookie (not pictured... But it was yummy!)
I really like this brand of cookie, I have never been disappointed.

Plus lots of coupons for more products!

Check out Send Me Gluten Free to order your box today!

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